Hi, my name is Tess, and I breed and show Exotic cats in Queensland, Australia.

My Mum, Tricia, bought two desexed Exotics as pets, and decided to start breeding Persians as she and my Grandmother had done many years ago. Mum breeds Persians under the prefix  'Glendoon', and you can see them at this link www.glendooncattery.com

Mum was offered the sister to the two Exotics we have as pets, and decided she would like to keep them separate, so I have my own prefix, and until I am 18 Mum is my partner

Dolce Gattini is sweet kittens in Italian which I study at school.
I am lucky because Mum lets me 'borrow' her Persians to incorporate new lines and Pedigrees. This gives me the opportunity to hopefully breed some outstanding Exotics.

I am sending my first exports to New Zealand this year [2011], and I know their new parents will love them as much as Mum and I do

I hope you enjoy looking at my babies, and keep checking as we will post kittens as they become available.



Please note that Dolce Gattini
does NOT offer outside stud services

Please DON'T ASK!